Looking Down

Say you’re online, on an art sharing/selling site that you use quite often. Every day, you check your own statuses, and your photos, and see that you’re getting comments, favorites, views, and even some sales. You feel proud of yourself, which you should.

But then, you start to look at other people’s work. There’s not a problem with that, but as you look, you start to feel discouraged. Someone, or so it seems, is a better photographer than you, or a better painter, better writer, or whatever art form you’re in. There always seems to be someone “better” than you out there.

Truth is, at least the way I see it, we’re all equal. I don’t think that anyone is a better photographer than anyone. Everyone has different skill levels, true, but no one is “better”. And this is because we’re all still learning. There’s not one person in the world that can honestly say that they’ve learned all there is to learn about photography. We’re all still…”students”. No one will ever know all there is to know about photography.

So, back to looking down on your work. Don’t. And don’t give up. Because like I said, there’s going to be others out there who are more popular than you, and the photo itself might be more popular, but yours will get there. I myself have looked down on my work, but I’ve never given up. I won’t. I refuse to. And that’s because I know we’re all just out here to get a good photo, and to be who we are as artists!

Thanks for reading! I hope I helped!


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