Newest Favorite

I was out taking some shots a few days ago, when I got this one. It almost hurt me actually. I was standing on two angled stepping stones on a small hill, twisting my torso to bend down to get this shot. But once I saw the shot on the camera, I knew that this was my new favorite.

It’s so simple, and I love how only a bit of it is actually in focus. So, if you like this, please tell me. Even if you don’t like it, tell me some ways it could improve! Thanks!


Goals and Dreams

I remember, getting older, and having assignments about what we wanted to be when we grew up. I used to always have the biggest dreams, or the craziest goals. I won’t go into detail about what exactly they were, but there were some that were pretty weird for a 12 or 13 year old.

Since then, my goals have changed. Not because people have told me to change them, though. I just felt that I’ve “out-grown” them. No more crazy, “I want to be a firefighter on the moon” type things. (Not that I ever had that dream, just using it as an example.) And by “out-growing” them, I’ve found what I really want.

But I remember, when I did have those crazier dreams, that all the time, people would tell me, “You can’t do that.” “You’re never going to make it.” Or something along those lines. For a while, I did give up on my dreams, and I felt like I was going nowhere, even at such a young age. I even remember in a class, saying what my dreams were, and just listening to the roar of laughter that proceeded my speech of my deepest goals. It was heartbreaking.

But I never gave up because of others. I don’t think I ever “gave up” on them. I just moved on. So always remember, don’t give up on your dreams and goals, because someday you might end up becoming what you wanted. It will be worth it, if you just keep at it!

Thanks for reading!

Looking Down

Say you’re online, on an art sharing/selling site that you use quite often. Every day, you check your own statuses, and your photos, and see that you’re getting comments, favorites, views, and even some sales. You feel proud of yourself, which you should.

But then, you start to look at other people’s work. There’s not a problem with that, but as you look, you start to feel discouraged. Someone, or so it seems, is a better photographer than you, or a better painter, better writer, or whatever art form you’re in. There always seems to be someone “better” than you out there.

Truth is, at least the way I see it, we’re all equal. I don’t think that anyone is a better photographer than anyone. Everyone has different skill levels, true, but no one is “better”. And this is because we’re all still learning. There’s not one person in the world that can honestly say that they’ve learned all there is to learn about photography. We’re all still…”students”. No one will ever know all there is to know about photography.

So, back to looking down on your work. Don’t. And don’t give up. Because like I said, there’s going to be othersĀ out there who are more popular than you, and the photo itself might be more popular, but yours will get there. I myself have looked down on my work, but I’ve never given up. I won’t. I refuse to. And that’s because I know we’re all just out here to get a good photo, and to be who we are as artists!

Thanks for reading! I hope I helped!

Creative Slumps

Everyone goes through them, I know. I’ve been the victim of a million different creative slumps. Whether it’s with photography, writing, drawing, you name it, there comes that “block”. Not everyone can be productive 24/7. Not everyone has the capability of producing “good” work all the time. And by good, I mean to the artists’ eyes.

When I’m in these kinds of slumps, I tend to want to ask others for help. But I feel that I shouldn’t. I don’t feel that it’s their job to guide me to do what I do best. That’s my job. Although I might want help, I don’t need it. Not saying that help is a bad thing. If you need help, by all means, take it, get some. But for me, I don’t take it. At least not with photography. And that’s because like I said earlier, it’s not their job.

I believe that the “audience” should view the work, comment on the work, and who knows, possibly even buy it, too. But I don’t think that they, unless asked by the artist, should say “You should do this!” Though there’s absolutely no problem with opinions, in fact, I love to hear them! And if someone tells me something along the lines of, “Well, you should do _______”, I take it into consideration. I’ve produced many excellent photos because of my Dad saying, “Well, why don’t you shoot from this angle?”

So, the point I’m trying to get to is that help is a wonderful thing for anyone! It’s just that sometimes, as an artist, I feel like I shouldn’t take it. Like it’s not their problem to deal with, and that I can do it.

Maybe I’m looking at it wrong, I don’t know. But leave your comments and tell me what you all think! Thanks for reading!

Happy Halloween

In honor of this wonderful holiday, I’d like to share with you all a simple photo of a gravestone I found one day. I thought it was interesting looking! Have a happy Halloween!


I know this is going to sound weird, but I love cemeteries! It’s not for the death, or knowing that there’s death all around. It’s for the peace. Everyone there is at rest, and their souls have moved on.

I always love to go to the old part of the cemetery here in town, and look around, and take a few photos. I never go into the new section. I have respect for the dead, and I feel that taking shots of people who have just died, and then posting their photo to be sold would just be rude. And I could get in trouble.

The old part of the cememtery dates back to the Civil War. I love to walk through, and get some pictures of the graves that are falling, or the words have faded. Once, I even found a gravestone that looked like a tree stump, but it was stone and had Celtic designs on it. I just might post that one on Redbubble!

But I just wanted to share that the cememtery is one of my favorite places to go, and that if you find the old part, you can get some excellent shots!